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The Good
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - 01:05 p.m.

  • I haven't puked in four days. Go me!

  • They finally started on our new house. The footings have been dug and the rebar is in. Of course, now they're full of water from the 2 inches of rain we got over the weekend, but hey...PROGRESS!

  • Micah has been going to bed earlier in the evening and waking up in the morning in an awesome mood. Yesterday, I woke up when he turned on his crib toy and started talking to the animals. Today, I woke up to the sound of him clapping.

  • My cat, Lilo, has been super affectionate since the move. She's never been this cuddly, and it's really very cute.

  • Todd is home, and he won't be traveling for a while.

  • I finally started on a project for work that's been hovering over my head for a while. I still don't have even half the information I need to do it, and if I manage to produce reasonable results I'll be a freakin' miracle worker, but it's started.

  • So far, this pregnancy seems to be going okay. The hormones are right where they should be, no supplements needed.

  • Last night, Todd and I spent a good ten minutes chasing each other around the house with Micah in our arms. We were all laughing and shrieking like madmen, running all over the place, and Micah LOVED it.

  • I finally found 12-oz Dr Pepper bottles at the grocery store. I am utterly incapable of finishing a 20-oz bottle, but 12 is just about right.

  • I also found S'mores Quaker granola bars. Nomnomnomnom.

  • I remembered to plan something for dinner tonight. WIN!

  • My parents will be visiting this weekend.

  • My camera seems to be working, at least for the moment. (It's been showing an Error 99 on an increasingly-frequent baisis.) I still need to take it in, but I'm hoping to take some pictures of my nephew first.

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Mayday! Mayday!
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 11:08 a.m.

I have a 16-month-old who wakes up at 5:30 every morning. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I have already vomited more with this pregnancy that the last two COMBINED, and I spend pretty much every day in a fog of hunger and nausea. My husband is out of town for the week, and I cannot self-medicate with booze. And it's only WEDNESDAY.

On the upside, I just ate four (FOUR?!) doughnuts, and I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Which, obviously, is insane and entirely the fault of the WonderFetus, because four doughnuts under any other circumstances would probably kill me dead.

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Baby Hoedown
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 10:51 a.m.

It's only a few seconds long because he's camera shy, so you'll just have to imagine him doing it for an entire song.

Baby Hoedown from Sarah Y. on Vimeo.

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On our way
Friday, January 15, 2010 - 03:16 p.m.

Wednesday, Todd and I went in for an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy that has already made itself very well known (what with the nausea and the vomiting and the nausea and the HUNGER and the zzzzzz....wha, I'm sorry, I must have dozed off again). To our immense relief, everything looks good. I am currently eight weeks pregnant, with a baby who should be born around August 21st.

The miscarriage has been on my mind quite a bit as the phantom due date approached. As we walked into the doctor's office on Wednesday, all I could think about was the moment I realized that short pregnancy was over, the one frozen second of time before everything stopped making sense. I was terrified we'd experience it again, and I honestly couldn't fathom what my reaction would be if we did. I've been on edge since the first positive pregnancy test, but Wednesday was a whole new level of anxiety. I was shaking the entire time we were waiting and on the way back to the room. The technician was trying make small talk, and I had to fight to unclench my teeth to answer her. I don't know what expression I had on my face, but she realized very quickly that we needed to get the ultrasound over with as soon as possible.

Then there was our baby, and the sound of her heartbeat, and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or heard.

The doctor was very pleased with the sonogram. The heartbeat is nice and high - 171 beats per minute - and everything seems to be good for now. The only hiccup is my hormone levels, while not currently low, aren't rising as fast as he'd like. I finished up another round of blood testing today, and if they're still dawdling, he might put me on some supplements. It's not the 100% healthy "go forth and grow a baby" proclamation I was looking for, but immensely better than the last time, so I'll take it.

So, yeah. Baby #2 is on the way. I'm still nervous as hell (the blissful naiveté of pregnancy #1 is LONG GONE), but so far things look okay. Let's just keep our fingers crossed until August, hmkay?

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New Year
Monday, January 4, 2010 - 11:58 a.m.

Today after lunch, I opened up TWO empty fortune cookies. I'm not sure how to take that.

So far, 2010 is shaping up to be one hell of an eventful year. To start it off right, we're moving this Friday to a rental home, to await the completion of our new house (an event that, at this point, is scheduled for sometime between pigs learning the secret of self-propelled air travel and the Second Coming of Christ). I'd planned on being Not Here when the actual moving of furniture and boxes went down, instead fleeing to Tennessee with Micah to hang out with my mother. But now they're forecasting snow for Thursday, and Todd's down with a hockey-injured shoulder, and it's looking more and more likely that I'll have to be involved with the insanity after all.

Micah kicked off the New Year with a resounding splatter when he horked all over our hotel room in Montgomery. I swear, we'd cut him off hours earlier, but that baby just can't hold his liquor. Oh, I kid - it's all part of his New Year's Resolution to barf over as many items as possible every morning between 6 and 7 AM, a resolution he has faithfully upheld for three days now. You have to applaud his resolve. Also, his unerring aim.

I'm looking forward to next Friday, when hopefully we'll be settled in to the rental house, the child will have stopped barfing, my PE application will be in and accepted, and I'll have time to pull down some of the many photos I took over Christmas. Oh, and sleep. Yes, I'm looking forward to that.

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