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Four weeks worth
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 03:33 p.m.

I am always in awe of those bloggers that post daily or even weekly. How do they find the time? What am I doing wrong here?

So...the last four weeks. Oh man.

First, this happened as I was going to hand out cupcakes at the daycare on Aerin's birthday after a full morning of moving my office for the first time in 7 years:

Well, shit.

RIP 1999 4Runner SR5 : June 27, 2005 Ė June 21, 2012

I was heading down Bradford and this woman suddenly turned left in front of me after I was already in the intersection. Fortunately, she admitted it was completely her fault and my unblemished driving record remains intact. Wish I could say the same for my totaled vehicle or my 50mm f1.4 camera lens. But at least I only had some burns and some bad bruises. Nothing broken or cut.

So, June 21 was a totally crappy day, but at the end of it I DID have a 1 year old baby girl! So it wasn't ALL bad.

And on Saturday the 23rd, we had a party to celebrate!

Uh, guys?

Is my food...supposed to be on fire?

Birthday dress

Mmmm, cupcake...

On Sunday June 24, Todd left for a week in Hawaii. Then on Friday, I collected him from the airport, we loaded up, and we drove to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for my MomBear's 80th birthday party. Family came from far and wide to celebrate this pretty incredible lady.


On the way home, we seriously considered strapping Aerin's carseat to the top of the car. Micah was awesome the whole way, though.

On Monday July 2, I found a new vehicle, a 2005 4Runner Limited. It pretty much looks like my old 4Runner got stung by a bee.

4Runner 2.0

Watch out for Kia minivans with handicap tags, 2.0!

On Wednesday July 4th, we loaded up the new 4Runner and headed over to Mountain Park, Georgia to visit Todd's dad and Melissa. Mountain Park is this crazy little everyone-knows-everyone town smack in the middle of the suburbs of Atlanta, and I have no idea how they even found it, but it's a neat place. Their house was gorgeous and perfect for visiting with kids and Melissa even had books and toys on hand. AND she baby-proofed the place, so we didn't have to spend the entire time helicoptering over Aerin. The kids loved the pool, Melissa stuffed us with all kinds of cookies and s'mores and brownies, we took Micah to see Brave (which I loved, but he just didnít really get), we watched the local fireworks show, Micah got to play with sparklers for the first time, and holy cow, it was such a nice break from everything here.

First sparkler

First time playing with sparklers!


Fireworks from the bridge

And the biggest event of all, they took us to the Georgia Aquarium! That pretty much deserves its own post, because wow.

In the tunnel

The menfolks

On Wednesday July 11, Todd had knee surgery. They scoped it to clear out some debris, fix some torn cartilage, and to find a tack that had worked loose from his last knee surgery. We didn't get to talk to the doctor at the time because the nurse decided to ignore us when we asked if maybe she meant Watts instead of Watson family, but it turns out he didn't find the tack. Either it finally dissolved or it's hiding somewhere else. GAH.

I hate knee stuff, so you will never see any pictures from me about knee surgeries. EVER.

Then on Saturday July 14, Micah had a friend over for a sleepover. Micah had been to Trey's house twice for sleepovers, but this was Trey's first one going to someone else's house. But he did great and they had a blast. I wish I'd had a tape recorder to catch all of the stuff they were talking about. Nothing is cuter than two three-year-olds bullshitting each other. "I fink dat's a...a...CAR STOPPER. Yes. And it stop cars wif a great BIIIG boom." "Oh!"

This week, things have kind of calmed down a little. We're gearing up for a weekend of visitors, though, so things wonít be quiet for long. I'm hoping I'll have some new adorable pictures to post soon, when I finally get to meet Annabelle!

It'll probably be a month before I get around to it, though.

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