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He also calls zucchini "spakhini"
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 03:06 p.m.

Wacky Tacky Day: UR DOIN IT RITE

Every year as part of the Week of the Young Child, Micah's daycare has a Wacky Tacky Day. We wanted to beat last year's getup, and I'd say we succeeded. The only thing missing here is his Thomas the Tank Engine sunglasses.

Riding at the daycare

Micah had a blast at his daycare's Trike-a-thon. He rode that tricycle for a solid 45 minutes, around and around the loop in front of their building.


Every summer, Micah has at least a couple mosquito bites that cause the affected body part to swell up significantly within just a few hours. It's not an infection; it's just some sort of allergic reaction. The only thing I can figure is that there's one particular type of mosquito he's really allergic to and the rest of his bites are from other types.

This time he got one on his ear and I didn't get him dosed with the Benadryl fast enough, although I put hydrocortisone cream on it right away. He spent several hours awake that night from the pain. The next day, despite Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream, his ear was sticking straight out to the side and at least twice as thick as it should have been. It looked a little better the third night, so I took this picture in order to judge the next morning if the swelling was really going down. He's fine now.

Micah's cargo plane

The other day Micah and Alex were quietly playing the playroom while I sat in Micah's room surfing Facebook. A while later he wandered in and told me he'd made a plane. Then he showed me this. He made it from scratch, all by himself, with no input from anyone. You can't tell me that's not pretty awesome.

For the record, he says it's a C-44. I'm pretty sure he means a C-141 Starlifter. He's been watching a lot of YouTube videos of cargo planes with Todd lately. Now that Aerin goes to bed at more or less the same time as Micah, Todd's been the one reading books and singing songs at night. A while back Todd started letting him watch one video in place of a book, and apparently movies of big-ass military transports landing and taking off are preschooler crack.

Wacky Tacky Day

The other weekend while his cousins were over, out of nowhere, Micah told my sister he was worried about Alex swinging too high on the playset because Alex might "fly off into the stars, hit a pine tree, and TURN INTO A BEAR."

There's not much you can say after that.

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I will have completely gray hair within a year
Friday, May 4, 2012 - 06:16 a.m.

This week, during lunchtime at the daycare, Aerin choked on massive wad of half-chewed watermelon. She was packing it into her cheeks and just got it wedged wrong or something. We're talking blue lips, baby Heimlich, everyone panicked kind of choking.

When it comes to self-preservation, some babies are just nothing but FAIL.

In case you were wondering how Aerin got the bruises on her face in the last few photos, let me show you what we're dealing with here.

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