Do a little dance... ~ Tuesday, October 9, 2001 ~ 10:41 PM

Tonight, for the first time since May of 1999, I attended a ballet class. I danced for 14 years prior to coming to UAH and I was terribly dissapointed when, upon arriving, I discovered that the ballet class on campus had been cancelled. I've been pretty lazy these last few years, too - doodling around the main room of my apartment in pointe shoes hardly counts for serious practice. Kat, though, has just gotten into it and invited me to her beginner's ballet class. It meets once a week, Tuesday night, 7-8:30. Since I've been out for so long and am so out of shape, I figured beginner's is just about my speed, so I took her up on it. I had an awesome time!

You know, in the last two years, I'd almost forgotten how much I love dance. I had the best time tonight. I'll hurt quite a bit tomorrow considering I went directly after a two-hour paddling practice, but I loved every minute of it. I'm hoping I can regain my technique and I really enjoy nitpicking on the basics. Plus, just to dance again felt wonderful. Next Tuesday, I'll go ahead and pay for the rest of this month and start going every week. Kat and I are also going to practice a bit in the new rec center. Today was an awesome day!

Current Music: '3 Libras' - A Perfect Circle

Fall Break!!! ~ Friday, October 5, 2001 ~ 11:21 PM

Quote of the Day: "Politicians, like diapers, should be changed often, and for the same reasons."

It's Fall Break!!!!! I have FREE TIME AGAIN! *cheers*

For the last two glorious days, I have done nothing but watch Star Trek, sleep, and be social. No studying, no tests, no stress......just relaxation. Tomorrow I have to actually buckle down and start work on the mountains of homework due Monday, but right now I feel wonderful!

My birthday was fun, although I spent most of it worrying about the Structures test I had that afternoon. But my roommates bought me flowers and a balloon and Jessica baked me a cake. My grandparents came into town last weekend and brought me a lemon pie and today Jeff took me out to get my gift. Deb and Scott went together and got me the cutest little fountain, which is now sitting in the main room. I'm going home next weekend to celebrate with my parents and sister. Jen, your gift is here, but I didn't get the notification until 5:10 and the office closed at 5. I'm going to make Jeff let me in to get it tomorrow, though. I'll let you know when I open it! :-) On the whole, even though 20 is a pretty useless age, I've had a lot of fun! Thanks, everyone!

Oh yes...and my boyfriend kicks ass because he can install an oem sound card. According to him, at least. He's the computer engineer, so I guess I have to rely on his word. ;-) And no, he does not usually look quite that psychotic.

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Must Keep Going... ~ Tuesday, September 25, 2001 ~ 12:29 AM

It is 12:30 AM and I am doing Thermo.

That in and of itself should be enough of a description of my current state of mind. I have a thermodynamics test tomorrow at 9:30 AM. A test, I might add, for which my class as a whole is woefully unprepared due to our professor's lack of interest in teaching us the information. So far, I appear to be doing fairly well in that I have ripped through the three chapter's worth of homework problems with little difficulty. However, this appearance of skill may very well turn out to mean absolutely nothing tomorrow, since, as we all know, profs can read minds and maliciously will chose those exact problems that are giving you the most trouble. Indeed, even now, Dr. Havard is communing with the Dark Lord himself, planning tomorrow's exam based solely on what I, Sarah Yeldell, do not know. How am I supposed to pass a test with all the powers of Hell itself arrayed against me? Itís a bit much to ask of anyone, I should think.

Still, I have no choice and therefore I must continue for now it is not merely a war to save my GPA, it is a war to save all of humankind and my GPA. I cannot allow Dr. Havard to unleash the forces of Hell merely to crush the hopes and dreams of forty insignificant aspiring engineers. With my mechanical pencil and TI-82 graphing calculator, I gird myself for Holy War, poised to defeat the demonic foe embodied in tomorrow's Thermo test. And defeat it I shall for the forces of good must triumph or else all is lost!

Now, if I can only figure out number 68......

Back to Boring ~ Monday, September 24, 2001 ~ 7:16 PM

This weekend was awesome! Friday, Jeff, Ben, and I left Huntsville to attend the annual Southeast Dagorhir event for Equinox, hosted by Dur-Demarion. Between the battles, the parties, fighting the spiders for sleeping space, being dragged into the usual melodrama and dragging myself back out, the battle stories, the alcoholic cherries, and the general hilarity, this weekend was one I'll definitly remember! :-D I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. I completely shut myself off from my normal life; I ignored homework and studying and left my watch behind. It was wonderful! However, in the process of forgetting civilization, I also forgot to take pictures. :-( I'll have to make sure to get some at Winter War and Beltaine, and I'll keep and eye out for any pictures that other people post.

Now though, it's back to normal. I have three tests this week, so I'm studying for those, and I have the usual homework and junk to do. Even so, my week will be less stressful than Jeff's. His father is going in for bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 7AM. There is relatively no risk, but still, he and his entire family is nervous. So Jeff has that to contend with, in addition to tests and other things. I'm trying to make things as much better as I can, but there's just not much I can do to help.

Well, that studying part is calling. I must first tackle thermo and beat it into submission, then I can turn my attention to the other zillion things that need doing. Toodles!

Current Music: 'Ebudae' - Enya

Drowning ~ Wednesday, September 19, 2001 ~ 6:49 PM

Quote of the Day: "My elbow is in my coffee cup and I have no idea how it got there!"

Too much work!!!!! I'm being sucked under piles of engineering paper and books! Help me!

Seriously, I haven't done anything but homework since Sunday night. I take breaks for classes, but nothing else. Hell, I don't even have time to make it to the store, so I've been living off instant oatmeal and coffee. On the upside, the oatmeal is strawberry flavored and the week is almost over. Once I finish my thermo and circuits HW, I can actually take a break. Oh happy day.

Next week is shaping up nicely too. I flat out told my Structures prof today that we were not having a test next Wednesday. He hardly even finished announcing it when we began begging. You see, I have a Thermo test Tuesday, a Circuits test Thursday, and a Differential Equations test Friday. There is no way in hell I could have a test Wednesday and survive.

So it's back to work now. I've wasted far too much time as it is. May God have mercy on my poor tortured soul.

Current Music: 'One Song Glory' - Rent Soundtrack

And so it goes ~ Monday, September 17, 2001 ~ 9:39 PM

Quote of the Day: "No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats."

Well, it's a whole new week. And while it's going to be incredibly stressful until Thursday night, this weekend is Equinox. After Jeff's class Thursday, we'll head up to Montgomery Bell State Park for a weekend of medieval merriment. Albeit, with modern conveniences such as running water and electricity...kind of.

Jeff and I are thinking about going to Fall Creek Falls for our anniversary. Well, the day after at any rate. Fall Break starts the day after my birthday / our two-year anniversary, so we were trying to think of something we'd both enjoy. He's never been there and I want to see the falls when it's not pouring down rain, so Fall Creek Falls seemed like a good idea. *grin* I think it will be fun.

Current Music: 'Crucify' - Tori Amos

What Can I Say? ~ Wednesday, September 12, 2001 ~ 5:52 PM

There is really nothing more I can say that has not already been said. I live in Alabama, so yesterday's events seem almost unreal. I am so distanced, so removed from all the horror... All I know is what I felt yesterday when I saw, on live TV, that second plane hit. And what I felt when the first tower collapsed, knowing how many people had just died, while I stood thousands of miles away, unable to do ANYTHING but watch, numb with shock and a growing sense of disbelief. I still can do nothing. I donated blood only two months ago - they won't let me again so soon. I can donate money and I will, but just sending money isn't enough. I cannot help directly and the guilt is terrible.

One thing we all can do, though, is to continue with our lives. I, for one, do not intend to let the monsters who planned yesterday's attack win. I am not afraid. I am proud of my country - yesterday gave me reason to be. I mourn the thousands that died, as much as any of us who never knew them and never will. I am angry...angry at those responsible, angry at those who rejoice in the slaughter of so many people, and angry at the American citizens who had no more respect (or intelligence) than to go on national television and accuse our government of not protecting us. Proud, sad, angry....but most certainly NOT afraid.

* * *

Quote of the Day: "It is my belief that the sentence 'The end justifies the means' - that repression and murder become somehow acceptable if committed in the name of a 'cause' or belief that reduces individuals to expendable pawns - is the vilest of human poisons, and that terrorism, regardless of the terrorist's 'cause' is the ultimate act of dehumanization." - David Weber, 1995

I am victorious! ~ Monday, September 10, 2001 ~ 9:33 PM

And so Monday also was conquered.

Indeed, today was a good day. I woke up rested for the first time in weeks, got almost everything I wanted to do done, and understood everything presented in my classes. The weather today was beautiful, windy, and cool, and I had free time to enjoy it. In addition, the university just refunded me quite a bit of money for my scholarship and I am currently munching on homemade ginger cookies the size of small plates. Tell me how life could get any better?

My sister has finally resurfaced again. :-) I was beginning to wonder if perhaps TNTech had simply swallowed her up and I just hadn't heard the news yet. But no, she's very much so alive and having a good time (I think). She even blogged again! *waves to EB* And who knows, maybe one day we'll actually both be home at the same time and get to talk for longer than 5 minutes. ;-)

The next three weekends look pretty promising. This weekend we have a Changeling game and a Vampire game. Next weekend is Equinox in Nashville. Then the weekend after that is Big Spring Jams. Yay! September will be fun!!!

Current Music: 'Under the Bridge' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Blogs Everywhere! ~ Sunday, September 9, 2001 ~ 11:33 AM

Quote of the Day: "I can see it now: 'We can tell you how to get there, but then we'll have to kill you. Here, take Citizen Warden Tresca this message, then report back, debriefing. Thank you very much, and remember - State Sec is your friend!'"

Amazing! Jen, you finally blogged again!!!! *throws confetti* And Jeff blogged too! Oh frabjous day! My boredom relieved, if only temporarily.

This weekend has been a lot of fun so far. Friday we went to see The Musketeer, which was surprisingly bad. Don't waste your money, get it on video. But it was still a good time, since we got to make fun of it a lot. Greg took Jessica and I shopping after practice yesterday and we managed to get quite a few much needed articles of clothing. I was pretty amazed at Greg's calm the entire time. He didn't get exasperated with our incessant trying-on and was extremely patient. Later, a group of us went to Hooters (I never eat there - nasty food, but of course, that's not really what the guys are going for ;-), and we all joked around and just generally had fun.

Also, yesterday morning we had a three-hour paddling practice and brought out a second boat to get some experience with other craft on the water. Unfortunately, I accidentally tried to kill one of my teammates. You see, we had one of our less experienced stern paddlers out in one and while the flimsier boat was parked, he came in to dock next to it. Being inexperienced, he misjudged it and came in to T-bone the parked boat. I reached out with a paddle and pushed his bow away, saving the smaller fragile boat, but it was the bow paddler's first time out and instead of leaning low when he saw me reaching out, he sat up straighter. So he fell out and cut his hand on the rocks pretty badly, and I spent the rest of the practice feeling guilty. We also discovered that where our docking mats have fallen into the water, water moccasins have moved in. Yesterday one of them decided to pop up and say hello to us. I actually rather like snakes, so I thought it was cool with the little guy hanging around, watching us, but Jessica didn't handle it quite so well. She feels the same about snakes as I do about spiders so while I laughed at her for the water moccasin, she laughed at me later when the boat we'd brought down turned out to have a black widow living in it. Still, yesterday's practice was great. The team is really coming together, both as friends and as a cohesive working unit. It's a happy thing. ;-)

Well, it's time to get started on the mountains of homework. Weekends are just too damn short. *grin*

Current Music: 'Not a Pretty Girl' - Ani DiFranco

*sigh* ~ Friday, September 7, 2001 ~ 4:46 PM

Quote of the Day: "So....does today really require pants?"

My roommate appears to be suffering from a severe case of stupid. Soon to be followed by a severe case of dead if she tries to set anything else on fire. First off, the girl forgot the stuff she was cooking in the oven because some guy she likes came over and she got distracted while flirting with him. Need I express my disgust for that sort of giggling schoolgirl behavior? I didn't think so. So her dinner burned, and I mean to a crisp. I came home to smell it burning, looked in the oven, then went and knocked on her door. She didn't answer and I assumed she'd gone off and left it cooking, so I went back and turned it off. Fortunantly for her, she hadn't left because I was ready to really tear a strip out of her hide. But then she comes tearing out of her room a few minutes later, with the guy on her heels, wailing about her food burning. Then she goes, grabs my dishtowel, and reaches into the oven to pull it out. Two things happen. One, the dishtowel being thin and not meant for use as a potholder, doesn't protect her hand and she is burned. Two, she drops the baking dish and the towel, which fall directly onto the element of the oven. Fortunantly, being used to my former roommates, I was there to grab the damn thing up before it could catch on fire. I then explained to her exactly WHY there are three potholders hanging next to the oven. She retrived the not-much-harmed lump of carbon with a bewildered look and I swiftly exited the kitchen before my true disgust could register with her and her guest.

*sigh* I really liked my roommate when she moved in, but over the last few weeks I've come to feel as if she needs constant supervision. Hell, I think she thinks I'm her mother and I have no idea why. She is constantly looking to me to figure out what to do, even for the most common sensical stuff. Like Monday night, when my other roommate mopped our floor using her dirty toilet as the bucket, this roommate stood around wailing and wringing her hands until I came home and told her DILUTED clorox (she dissolved her last mop with undiluted clorox) and mop and glo would work just fine to clean it up. It hadn't occured to her to just remop until I mentioned it.

But other than roommate stress, today has gone really well! I did well on my first DiffEq quiz, Jeff and I have been getting along really well, and life is just good. Whee! I'm about to go cook my contribution to the Cam potluck dinner and then I'll head over there. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun. :-)

Current Music: 'I Apologize' - Prick

RANT ~ Sunday, September 2, 2001 ~ 6:58 PM

*climbs onto her soap box*

I believe that I have already spoken on the issue of African-American reparations, however, the article in the August 27th edition of Newsweek has prompted me to write again.

I find the idea of paying reparations for the enslavement of Africans (of which I certainly have never had in any part in) to be completely ludicrous. I refuse to pay for the crimes of people I never knew and I refuse to be guilt-tripped into believing I should. I have yet to meet a slave and I have yet to meet a slave owner. As far as I can tell, slavery died a hundred years ago so, being 19, I have to say it was a little before my time.

Those members of the African-American community who insist upon portraying their race as national victims are not doing themselves any favors. They are trading upon the hardships endured by their ancestors in order to gain and that makes them no better than those who traded and sold slaves. They have no desire to honor the past, only to exploit it. Instead of working to gain a sense of racial pride, they are advocating a sense of racial victimization. They are also encouraging friction and distrust, emphasizing the split between African-Americans and other races in direct opposition to efforts to create any sort of racial equality.

I am a white female, an American citizen of Irish descent. Do I feel hatred towards the English for running my family and thousands of others out of Ireland? No. Do I demand their money in return for hardships suffered by my family during the famine? No. I am a white female, an American citizen. Am I racist? No. But I experience racism quite often. More and more, I find it difficult to be around black students who hate me simply because I'm white. One of my best friends moved into a room with three black women last year. She is not racist, but was immediately an outcast. In the first week, she overheard several arguments about what to do about her, how to make her move out, and the comment was made, "I didn't come to college to be around white people." It is this attitude towards whites that the NAACP, N'COBRA, and others are advocating. Tell me how that makes anything better. Tell me how that ensures a better future for children of all races - for MY children.

To end this rant, I suggest that if you have not read the Newsweek article, you should do so. While the majority of the article was enough to piss me off to the point of blogging a rant, the section entitled "...Or a Childish Illusion of Justice?" by Shelby Steele was, to me, a breath of sanity. Whether you agree with me or not, you should read it. I believe you'll understand why.

"When you don't know how to go forward, you find an excuse to go backward. You tell yourself that if you can just get a little justice for past suffering, you will feel better about the challenges you face. So you make justice a condition of your going forward. But of course, there is no justice for past suffering, and to believe there is only guarantees more suffering." - Shelby Steele

Comments, as always, are welcome at

That Time of Year ~ Saturday, August 25, 2001 ~ 7:30 PM

Ah yes, it is indeed that time of the year once again. The annual sorority/fraternity rush week. The time of year when I, as every proper GDI should do, contemplate the use of fire hoses and rubber bullets against the smiling, cheering, dyed-blonde masses of sorority hopefuls. The week when it becomes nearly impossible to resist the urge to race outside with a large blunt object and smash through their endless ranks with reckless abandon. *sigh* My god, I wish they'd shut up.

I envision a year when all GDIs UNITE against the cancer of Greek organizations. I can see it Kappa Delta begins yet another cheer in the fields outside, hundreds of dark figures suddenly emerge from the twilight gloom. As one, they sweep forward, roaring their own chant in answer to the Greeks as water balloons fill the darkening sky. As the GDIs raise their voices in unanimous hatred, the Greeks are smashed with hundreds, THOUSANDS of ballons thrown with deadly precision and accuracy. I can only hope that some of the Greeks would try to run - after all, it's ever so much more fun if you have to hunt them first. Then, once they've been humiliated, the ritualistic tourture would begin. Oh, sweet dream of mine.

Realistically, though, they should not be allowed to make so much noise. I hate to point this out, but college does not equal party, despite what most people think. You're not paying thousands of dollars a year to drink, meet girls (or guys), and make asses of yourselves. College is NOT meant to increase one's social life, it is meant to give one an EDUCATION. Remember what that is, boys and girls? An education means you come out with the potential for a future. A social life can be a by-product of time spent at college, but it should NEVER be the focus.

I can only hope that while all the Greeks are congregated in one area, a plane falls on them and explodes. I should be so lucky.

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