RANT ~ Friday, December 28, 2001 ~ 6:36 PM

Mmm....a good old fashioned rant. Just like mom used to make.

"Further, what would happen to him [Osama Bin Laden] if he could be brought to understand the preciousness of the lives he has destroyed? I firmly believe the only punishment that works is love." -- Alice Walker, The Village Voice, October 9 issue

Uh, is anyone else struck blind by the blatant stupidity of this statement?

Bin Laden doesn't want our love. He wants our blood. He has no regard for human life and despises America with a vehemence we canít understand because we live nice safe PC lives. Given the opportunity, he'd love nothing more than to turn the US into the world's newest national wasteland. What about this escapes a significant percentage of the American population? The only thing Bin Laden understands is violence. We respond with tolerance and it will be seen as weakness. He doesn't understand pity or caring or love or tolerance. HE WANTS US DEAD.

All of us will remember until the day we die exactly where we were and what we were doing the morning of September 11th. The sight of the Pentagon smoking and the WTC collapsing into ruin is imbedded into our permanent memory with crystal clarity. Given that, isn't it just amazing that there are still those who don't understand why the US has to fight back? I guess they don't understand that our military is fighting to save their worthless asses from becoming victims in another such attack.

Now the US is fighting back and Bin Laden is on the run - a coward who strikes from behind at unsuspecting innocents and runs when faced with those who can defend themselves. *sneer* I feel no pity for soldiers of the Taliban. This includes John Walker, who, by the way, is nothing but pathetic scum (as is the rest of al Qaeda). He is one who willingly joined a group that uses terror tactics on innocent people and enjoyed it. It disgusts me to call him an American. I say have mercy and euthanize the bastard because it's kinder than what he'll encounter in prison. Then again, death is much too good for all fighters of the Taliban, considering what they've done and what they've supported.

So back to Alice Walker's breathtakingly moronic words of anti-wisdom. Bin Laden will never understand that life is precious. He will never understand love. He will never give up his hatred for the US and he will never give up terrorizing its people and the people of countries that support it. In this case I firmly believe the only punishment that works is a .45 caliber bullet lodged firmly in his brain. *shrug* Sorry, Ms. Walker, but it appears that you've been out-voted by the US military.

So ends the rant. Comments, as always, are welcome at Starfire_Child@yahoo.com.

The Second Day... ~ Wednesday, December 26, 2001 ~ 7:39 PM

Well, here we are...the Second Day of Christmas and for the very first time in all my years, I ventured forth to brave the insanity of the malls on the day after Christmas. Not willingly, of course, but my parents deemed that I should be tortured mercilessly. I suppose I should have gotten them more presents or something. Anyways, I managed to make it through the morning without being charged with homicide. I was dragged around the entirety of Rivergate Mall while my parents tried to convince me that I really didn't need talls in business suits and if I just thought about it hard enough my arms would magically become two inches shorter. After trying near every suit in the entire damn mall, I was finally able to convince them that this was not in fact the case. This brings me to a mini-rant.

Mini Rant:
Why the hell is it that stores don't HAVE talls? If you're a midget you can go into any store and find all manner of clothing in petites, but if you're just slightly above average height, you're essentially screwed in the clothing arena. It sucks! Very rarely can I find long sleeved items that fit me, so come winter I pretty much just have to have nice loooooong gloves. My younger sister has it even worse - she's six feet tall! But at least she can WEAR talls. Me, I wear a size 6 top and talls freakin' start at 8!!!! The injustice is overwhelming. Oh woe is me and so on and so on and scooby dooby do. And so ends the mini-rant.

So I survived the trip to the mall. I suppose that's an accomplishment. Probably my first of the break. See, I decided at the beginning of this trip home that I'd do nothing and so far I've adhered faithfully to that resolution. Pretty much I've just lazed around reading books I love. It's been wonderful and I think my brain has even begun to recover. I'm almost caught up on sleep, although I've discovered a disturbing tendency to fall asleep in my tracks around 3 every afternoon. I can't say I'm not looking forward to returning to Huntsville (after all, I miss Jeff terribly), but since this is the first real break I've gotten in a year, I'm really enjoying it!

So, Merry Christmas to everyone. Remember, you've got until January 6th before Christmas is over, so make the best of it! I know I will. Time to go decimate the cookie supply. :-D

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LOTR ~ Wednesday, December 19, 2001 ~ 8:29 PM

At last! The long-awaited December 19th - opening day of the most anticipated movie of just about everyone's lifetime. Of course I went, just like every other mindless Tolkien fan. I went to the 4:15 showing here in beautiful Hendersonville, TN, where interest in the movie rated only slighly above a sluggish "ungh." And oh, it was everything I could have hoped.

Of course it wasn't just like the book. For Christ's sake, the book is big enough to be used as a counterweight for the leaning tower of Piza! To make (or watch) a movie that held completely true to the book would be humanly impossible. So, for what they had to work with, I think it was beautifully done. The sets, the casting, everything was just awesome. The fight scenes were just damn cool and the costuming was breathtaking. Everything looked very similar to how I'd imaginied it and I'm still in awe. My enthusiasm may die down once I've had a couple days to think about it, but for now I'm still in drooling mode.

Kimberly, Sonny, a friend of theirs, Morley, my sister, and my parents all went to see it. I got to talk to both Kimberly and Morley for a little bit, which was nice since I haven't seen much of either of them recently. I think Kimberly, Morley, and I are going to try and meet up after New Year's to just hang out for a little while. The usual. ;-)

Current Music: my sister playing 'Oh Christmas Tree' on the piano in the living room

Home for the Holidays ~ Monday, December 17, 2001 ~ 9:20 PM

Okay, so finals ended for me Wednesday of last week. I finished up my Diff Eq exam and then I was in the clear. But still stressed, 'cause Friday I had a job interview with Teledyne Brown. That went pretty well and although I'll probably not get that job (I'm neither a systems engineer nor available full time), they're hoping to open up a co-op position for me. *grin* It sounds like a really cool job, so I hope it works out. I found out Friday that I got straight A's again. Both the Changeling game Friday night and the Camarilla game Saturday night were a lot of fun. Now I'm home for the winter break and things are going pretty well. Didn't start out that way, because the first thing my parents told when I got home was that my cat was missing, but the little bugger turned up that night safe and sound. We think he got locked in someone's garage when they left for the weekend and escaped when they came home. So that had a nice happy ending. Now we've just finished decorating our Christmas tree and my dad just finished his first batch of fudge. The Christmas holidays are in full swing and things are looking pretty good.

Now I'm trying to round up people who want to go and see LOTR. I'm not at all sure we'll go Wednesday. I've been having fits since I first saw the announcement two years ago, but since I've already waited this long, I feel I'll survive waiting until all the other fans have cleared out. I'm just not in the mood to battle fanboys for a seat in a movie that is sure to be around for quite some time, you know? Plus, I'm kind of afraid the movie isn't going to be able to do the book justice and I'd like to hang onto my delusions a little bit longer. ;-)

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*cringe* ~ Thursday, December 6, 2001 ~ 5:26 PM

The thermo final was a breeze. I was done with it in about thirty minutes and only had to make two corrections. But I guess I got overconfident going into the circuits final an hour later, cause I'm still not sure if what hit me was a test or a large fast-moving vehicle. Most of the class is pretty much still in shock because nothing - and I mean nothing - could have made us expect the royal ass-raping we received today. If she'd rolled the tests around a lead pipe and beaten us bloody, I really don't think we'd have noticed the difference, except there'd probably have been fewer cries of pain from the beating.

I'm supposed to be studying for structures. I really should be studying for structures, especially in light of how god awful circuits turned out to be. Unfortunantly, my brain is still oozing and I can't seem to concentrate at all. On the upside, next week will be a cake walk compared to this week. I've already had my nervous breakdown, I'll only have one final, and I'll have free time again! Oh frabjous day.

*sigh* I really do think finals are cruel. In any other environment what they do to us would be considered inhumane, but since we PAY for it here, it's all fun and games. And people wonder why students go crazy and climb tall buildings with sniper rifles....

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Yergh ~ Friday, November 30, 2001 ~ 12:42 PM

Quote of the Day: "I advise you to be on time for the written exam. I have only had to give one oral exam in the past. It was the first time I ever made a student cry." - Dr. Jennifer English, my Circuits prof

I feel pretty close to tears myself. You know that feeling you get when you've been stretched so thin for so long that your brain feels like it just might snap in half if even one thing goes wrong; the feeling that everyone and everything exists solely to add to your already dangerously high level of stress; the feeling that you get when even the people you thought you could count on for support decide to unite with the rest of the universe against you. Yeah, you know....that feeling. Well that pretty much describes my current state of mind. The only good thing that has happened so far today was Dr. Toutangi complimenting me on having a natural talent for Structural engineering. Of course this was after I hauled my ass out of bed at 6AM to be at his office at 8:30 with my paper. *sigh*

Yesterday went pretty well, though, despite my thermo test. I got to play out a scene at last night's Cam meeting that I'd been looking forward to and I had a lot of fun doing it. In retrospect, I probably should have stayed home and worked on the aformentioned paper, but I suspect I needed the break.

It's pretty hard to believe that this Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. The Christmas season is finally here (although Wal Mart would have you believe Christmas starts in September)! I'm going with Kat to see The Nutcracker next Sunday. Our dance teacher is the director, so he made us promise to go. *grin* Also, I'm going to the circus on Friday and Saturday is the annual 713/608 Christmas Party. If it weren't for finals, next week would be really cool!

Current Music: 'To the Moon and Back' - Savage Garden

Not Quite Gone ~ Tuesday, November 27, 2001 ~ 11:26 PM

Quote of the Day: "Dear Lord, lest I continue in my complacent way, help me to remember, somewhere out there a man died for me today. As long as there be a war, I must ask and answer, 'Am I worth dying for?'" - Eleanor Roosevelt

I know. I've been a bad blogger. Between holidays, hell week, and our damn proxy sever (which can't decide if it likes Pitas or not), I have spent the last few weeks in blogging limbo. To you, my one not-so-faithful reader, I apologize most sincerely. ;-) But now, having survived the holidays and conquered the proxy server of doom, I have once again found the time to post the meaningless drivel and trivial tidbits of my somewhat uninspiring life that keep you entertained for whole thirty second intervals. Hey, whatever makes your day brighter. *grin*

Thanksgiving was interesting. I went to Oak Ridge, TN expecting to see all of my mother's family and instead only saw my grandparents and my aunt, uncle, and cousin David. The other three families declined to make the trips from Ohio, New Jersey, and Georgia and my cousin Laura stayed with her fiance in Minnesota. While I would have loved to have seen all of them, having a dozen fewer people hanging around definitely helped my stress level. I was able to get a bit of schoolwork done and, despite coming down with a nasty cough, generally had a fun time. And oh, the food!!!! Yum!

Still, even though I worked a little, it was not nearly enough to offset the hell week before finals. I have loads of homework, a Thermo test, a Structures paper to write and present, and finals to study for. Today wasn't so great as the first thing that happened to me was while walking to class I disturbed a roosting bird and was immediatly shat upon. Nothing like a pile of bird excrement on your shoulder to really show you your place in the world... On the upside, I raped my DiffEq test, ending up with a 106% (whee, extra credit!), and was awarded an ASCE/MBT scholarship. It's not much, but enough to pay for next semester's books. Hey, I'm happy!

Anyways, it's time for bed now. Jeff, loving boyfriend that he is, informed me a little while ago that I should get more sleep because the circles under my eyes have reached clown-like proportions. Eventually, I figure he'll wiggle free from the trash can I stuffed him into, but by then I'll have rested up and look a bit better. :-) Toodles!

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Peanuts Everywhere! ~ Tuesday, November 6, 2001 ~ 9:05 PM

"The people of Dothan Alabama have far too much free time." That was my thought when Jeff first invited me to go on a trip with the RAs to Dothan for their annual peanut festival. Well, all the RAs backed out, except the housing director's girlfriend, but Friday night Jeff, Steve, Kelli, and I all piled into Kelli's car and made the five-hour trip to Dothan. And surprisingly enough, it was a lot of fun. The car trip was pretty entertaining - Kelli and Steve are both cool people. Saturday afternoon was spent at the festival itself. Jeff and I rode on the swings, the Ferris wheel, and the bumper cars, and did a lot of walking. Good thing too, because we were continuously eating. Saturday night we were supposed to go back to the festival after dinner with Kelli's family, but Jeff and I decided to head over to Dakota. Dakota is a coffee shop, conveniently located across the street from the Holiday Inn we stayed in, that Jeff used to hang out in when he went to ASMS. We stayed there for a bit, then walked down the street to the movies, saw Rush Hour 2, walked to the nearby Krispy Kreme for Hot Nows (my absolute favourite food), then back to Dakota to meet up with Jason and Michelle. I had a wonderful time and didn't even worry about homework once.

This week hasn't been half bad either. Jeff and I have been arguing a bit more than usual, thanks to the stress of upcoming holidays and the subsequent workload, but we've also made up pretty quickly (thanks in large part to his extreme patience with me). My classes seem to be going well and I've even had quite a bit of "free" time. I registered for spring classes today and found out that at the end of this semester, I'll only be 10 credits away from being a senior, meaning at the end of this coming spring, I'll have senior status! I'm not sure if that makes me happy or scares me silly. *shrug*

This Saturday, JoAnna is getting married. Well, technically, she's already married, but since she eloped the first time, this is her wedding to appease the friends and family. I'm headed home Friday afternoon so I can go. Hopefully I'll have pictures of it for my site pretty soon (particularly for you, Jen)!

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One of Those Days ~ Tuesday, October 30, 2001 ~ 5:45 PM

I have been in the strangest mood since Saturday night. I don't know what brought it on, but my brain is alternating between zoning out completely and scrambling around like a rabid hamster. Issues that normally concern me, I've just been shrugging off and I've been completely occupied with little stupid things, when I'm not mucking around in total confusion. It's affecting my schoolwork, my relationship, everything. Maybe it's just that I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown all last week and my brain has decided to take a vaction. It's headed south for the winter...might even stay there. Mindlessness wouldn't be so bad, except that I'm a basket case and more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Boy, do I miss my mind.

We got our thermo tests back last Thursday. The class average was a 48. *wince* I got a 79 and was able to pull it back up to an A once he let us correct them. Still, it hurt...a lot. DiffEq is tomorrow. I'm supposed to be studying, but I just can't concentrate. I have to leave for dance in a little bit, anyways. Jen, I hope things get better with you. *hug* I'll try and be online (network nazis willing) tomorrow, if you want to talk.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Why the Big Hair? ~ Wednesday, October 24, 2001 ~ 11:48 PM

Quote of the Day: "No matter what you do, you'll never outsmart the squirrels." - Non Sequitur

I am not sure what the connection is between big hair and religious/spiritual kookism, but it is one that without a doubt exists. Let me explain.

Tonight Dr. Joe Slate, a parapsychologist, gave a lecture as a housing entertainment program. Jeff organized it and arranged for it to be held over in UC and was quite pleased when it turned into a big success. Dr. Slate spoke on topics ranging from psychology's pronounced disdain for parapsychology to crystal therapy, but the main focus was on what he terms psychic vampirism. Basically a psychic vampire is someone who leeches the energy out of another person, whether intentionally or unintentionally. While some of his ideas were a bit too far fetched for me, the lecture was thoroughly entertaining and extremely interesting. However, after the lecture I inexplicably found myself drawn into a conversation with your standard big-haired, jewelry-toting, wannabe TV psychic. While the majority of my being was occupied in a screaming fit brought on my the woman's dazzling stupidity, the part that was sufficient composed to keep my facial expression pleasant began to wonder at the kook stereotype.

You know who I'm talking about. Those rather large women who wear far too much leopard print clothing, whose faces are literally buried beneath coats of makeup, their eyes outlined by half a stick of eyeliner, hair teased into seemingly impossible styles reaching untold heights above their scalps. Those who, once spoken to, never cease to shut up, their southern accents yammering away at your eardrums until you just can't take it any more and either attack or flee in terror. Yeah, those. Take, for instance, TBN's infamous Jan Crouch. Yikes doesn't even begin to describe her. I'm not sure if she looks worse or better since the liposuction and the boob job (paid for, I might add, with the funds their gullible faithful donated for the starving children of Timbuktu or whatever country it is this week). Either way, she is truly terrifying. *shudder* But I digress.

Maybe it's that those big haired women (and the men...there are some big-haired men out there too), while certainly crazy in their own right, are victims of an alien plot to control the minds of hapless American citizens. That helmet of hair, in all its gravity-defying glory, is acting as a receiver for the mind control rays being beamed down from space. When they go to the hairdresser, they're not so much getting their hair done as getting retuned. That vacant expression isn't stupidity, it's a sign that they're communing with the mother ship. Or maybe it's really just the amount of hair products they inhale on an hourly basis. I have no idea, but I'm certain none of them should ever be allowed to breed. Ever.

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*blink* ~ Sunday, October 21, 2001 ~ 6:23 PM

There are a great many Chinese people in my living room. This happens occasionally. I'll be sitting peacefully in my room, usually studying and generally oblivious, leave to get a drink or something and run into half the Chinese nationals in the state of Alabama. It's always disconcerting to discover your apartment filled with people you don't know, and even more so when the majority of them don't really speak your language.

I've been battling thermo all day, so my brain is a little fuzzed up. It hasn't exactly been the most stress-free day and my roommates coming in every five minutes to ask me stupid questions didn't help to improve my mood. In fact, I've just about come to the conclusion that I'd rather run away into the woods and live as a hermit for the rest of my days. However, that not being an option (seeing as I love my computer too much), I've begun to seriously consider moving into one of the single-room apartments here on campus. They're not in the best of shape, being generally neglected by housing, but I'd be able to study without interruption. I'd also be able to sleep without having to get up and grouse at someone for having fifteen people over at 2AM. It'd be clean - a little cluttered, maybe, but none of this spilling stuff and simply leaving it there as a Sarah-sock trap. There would be no hair in the sink or hallway, no toothpaste smeared over the counter. And oh-so-blessedly quiet. No more dealing with people I don't really know, but who insist upon invading my life every single year. Don't get me wrong. My roommates are wonderful people. They're good friends. I just don't want to live with them. Ever.

On a happy note, Jeff just got back. Unfortunantly, his computer fried last Thursday and he can't finish his program. So I, being such a wonderful girlfriend (hee hee ;-) am going to let him install C++ on my comp.

One More Day Lived ~ Saturday, October 20, 2001 ~ 9:20PM

Quote of the Day: "Nuts don't need religion to make them nuts, but it does seem to give them a certain added sense of commitment to whatever goals their nutdom decides to embrace."

Well, today started out sucking, but it progressively turned into a great day, thanks mostly to Kat. Thursday she invited me to go out with her and her friends today. After paddling practice, she picked me up and we headed over to Geof's house for seafood gumbo, then with everyone to Monte Sano State Park to play frisbee and Hot Death Unocards. Between the playground (which we all attempted to destroy) and the beautiful view from the overlook (home to the killer ladybugs), everyone was happy. After sufficiently scaring the locals, we took pictures and headed back to Geof's apartment. Kat dropped me back off at UAH and she and Sean headed out their autocross event.

Of course, now I'm doing thermo. Or rather trying to. Of the seven problems I have attempted thus far, I have gotten exactly ONE correct. And of course we have a test Tuesday. The dear Dr. Havard blew through this material too damn fast and worked several examples that only served to make us more confused. Instead of setting specific rules for modifying the first law or simply showing how to derive those changes, he just expects us to know. He asked us Thursday if we'd prefer the test were postponed and while the majority of the class wanted it, he just laughed at us. He also refuses to help us on the homework if it looks like we haven't done any work. Well, if we don't know how to start, then we can't really get that far, now can we. Hopefully I'll be able to get a study group together tomorrow.

Jeff's out of town this weekend. He went home to visit his dad, who just had open heart surgery. He called me earlier today to ask a question, but we didn't really get to talk. I think he's having a good time, though. :-)

Anyways, it's back to thermo. May the thermo gods look upon me with favor.

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Thanks Mom ~ Tuesday, October 16, 2001 ~ 3:26 PM

Monday morning I woke up, and my first thought was that the absence of a bullet in my brain was a condition that could no longer possibly be tolerated. I decided to haul myself out of bed to alleviate the situation and that's when things went downhill. I spent the morning sick as a dog from allergies, then the afternoon with an eye infection so bad that my eyes were swollen almost completely shut. I went to the doctor today and got stuff for my eyes, so that I can actually see now (a marvelous thing, sight is) and the allergies are slightly better.

But the real kicker is that even with my breakfast trying to revisit and both eyes oozing stuff it's better not to describe, I went to class and took my quiz. Then I finished my homework and went to another class. And not once did it ever occur to me to skip. I guess it's because growing up my mother almost NEVER let me or my sister stay home from school. There had to be internal organs lying scattered on the floor or at least six pints of blood lost before she'd consider letting us skip and since she's a doctor, it was damn near impossible to fake sickness. Her motto was "Dear, ninety percent of this world is run by people who don't feel good. Just think what would happen if they all stayed home?" And you know, she was right. It may suck seriously, but there's no reason to make others do your work just because you simply feel like you can't. Therefore, all people who stay home because they have the sniffles earn a good slap and a live badger up the nose, courtesy of me. Unless you're making a mess or have a legitimate medical reason (i.e. deadly contagious disease / you're making so much noise your coworkers are advancing with medieval battleaxes), then get up off your hypochondriac ass and be productive. If ninety percent of the world can, then so can you. I guarantee it.

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